Why do we use 18mg nicotine shots ?

Why do we use 18mg nicotine shots ?

Are you currently on the hunt for a brand new shortfill e-liquid, but have continually been disappointed with your latest choices, as there are only 18mg nicotine shots available, but you want 3mg? Did you know that you can obtain 3mg of nicotine by mixing the 18mg Nic Shot with your 0mg shortfill and you will then have your desired 3mg shortfall e-liquid.

The 18mg that you are seeing on the Nic Shot bottle is only specific to that 10ml bottle only, once that Nic Shot is added to the 100ml bottle of 0mg e-liquid, this will then dilute to provide a much weaker mixture. If you used nicotine shots that were only 3mg strength, then you wouldn’t obtain the required nicotine strength due to how weak it would be!

In the UK, you will only be able to create a 3mg shortfill in the UK using nicotine shots. Due to TPD laws and regulations the highest level of nicotine that can be sold in the UK retail market is 20mg in 10ml bottles.

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