When should I change my Coil?

When should I change my Coil?

If you begin to experience a different taste, whilst you vape, then it’s probably time to change your coils!!

There are a plethora of things to look out for when you need to change your coil and in this guide we wish to reveal this indicators so that you can experience a consistent quality vape. Taste is one of the obvious indicators, as your vape coil is heated over and over again with e-juice flowing through, over time this will burn the wick and materials so that they can no longer be used, which can cause a lack of flavour and in some cases lead to the browning of your e-juice- Its best to change your coil!

If you ever see your vape tank suddenly leaking of e-juice or your noticing that it begins to gurgle, this can also be an indicator that you need to change your vape coil. A general rule of thumb within the vape space is that the average lifespan of a coil can range between 2 and 14 days. If you have been using a coil longer than 14 days, then we would recommend that you change the coil.

The Lifespan of the coil is heavily dependent on a plethora of factors that can start from the choice of your e-liquid, e- juices that are sweet tend to contain a lot of additional sweetness have been coined as coil killers , as they are extremely delicious, but will lead to faster coil replacement. The lifespan of a coil can be reduced if you vape like no tomorrow with a number of different flavoured e-juices within a given coil cycle instead of only using one flavour with one coil. This will help you save time and money, as the coil would last longer and reduces the amount of times you would have to change the coil.

If your’e ever in doubt that the coil needs replacement, then we advice you to swap it out. You check out our coil section and if you have any questions on which coils to select, please don’t hesitate to ask us.

If you can’t find your desired coil, please check our custom order section

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