What is a Shortfill E-liquid?

What is a Shortfill E-liquid?

We all have to start some where and the transition from traditional smoking can be a steep learning curve. Our Ultimate Starter Guide gives you the bigger picture, but we prefer to deliver things in bite-sizes to make things much more simple and easily digested at first, especially for those that are just starting out.

We would like to focus on what Shortfills are, as you will continually see them around, as you begin your journey to identifying your go-to e-liquid.

Over the years, the number of Shortfills on the market have grown considerably, as hundreds of new lines have been added across the globe, such as King, but the UK has now taken the crown for e-liquid consumption, as the US begins to clamp down on flavoured e-liquids and US e-liquid companies look to the UK market to sell their e-liquid. You may have never heard of King Shortfills or perhaps this is your first encounter with the term shortfill, but don’t worry as we got your back on your journey to leaving traditional smoking behind with the explanation we are about to provide on how they are used!

So…. What on earth is a Shortfill?

Shortfills are nicotine free e-liquids and are generally 25ml or higher in volume. The reason they have been called shortfill’s is because they have been “filled short” of the bottle capacity to leave the perfect amount of space to fill with your nicotine shot.

This option will provide you with the ability to purchase the larger amounts of the flavour requested and add your designed amount of nicotine. This will reduce the amount of packaging and plastic. Why buy 10 x 10ml bottles when you can just buy 1 100ml bottle, not mention that you would save money in the process, as the average price of premium 10ml bottle is £3.99 compared to the £19.99, but in our case you can grab a bargain by purchasing our 100ml premium e-liquid for £8.99.

What are Nicotine Shots.

Nicotine Shots or nic shots are optional, in regards to adding them to your shortfill, as mentioned above, there’s space left for nicotine to be added to shortfill if required by the user.

*Nictone shots are not meant to be used on their own, as they are poisonous. They are only meant to be mixed with shortfills

Nicotine Mixing Guide


1)Please ensure that you are adding your desired Nic Shot to a 0mg, non nicotine based e-liquid. Ensure to also check the guidelines specified before this step to determine how many nic shots you will need to add to reach your desired strength.

2)Remove the cap and nib from your chosen non-nicotine based shortfill. We advice that you use a pair of non slip gloves and/ or a small tool to lift up the nib off.

3)Once step 2 is done, you should remove the cap and tamper seal from the nicotine bottle. We highly advice that you squeeze the contents of your bottle gently into your non-nicotine based shortfall, ensuring that you don’t spill. After you have squeezed all of the contents of the nicotine, please wash your hands and surfaces thoroughly with warm water if any spillages occurred whilst filling.

4)Once the nicotine shot has been transferred to your non-nicotine shortfill, replace the nib, by removing ant temporary silicone seals that were present, ensuring that it makes a solid seal

5)Replace the cap and shake the bottle thoroughly for five to ten minutes to ensure that nicotine has been mixed.

If you have any questions to ask, please do not hesitate to ask, as our vaping experts who are hands on and can answer any of your questions

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