Why is the Mysterious illness in US localised and not Globalised?

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The world of vaping has is a very touchy subject, as governments seek ways to manage it within its borders, but the US has taken an anti stance against vaping by banning flavoured e-liquids. Arguing that vaping is potential health risks, given that there have been reported illnesses and deaths from vaping.

However, this argument has not been held globally, given that these illnesses have not been realised in any other country.

The UK is estimated to have 3 million vaper’s, France(1.2 million), Germany(1million), Poland(1.5million) and Russia(1.5million. All countries stated have zero reported deaths or reported vaping illnesses.

Each of these major European countries have millions of people vaping e-juice everyday without incurring the same illnesses or deaths that have been realised in the US. In order for an argument to be valid, it must hold in many other ways and cases to be sustained. The industry continually goes through many leaps and bounds, especially in the UK, which has taken the reigns as the leaders of Vape, as the US steps back.

The NHS Stated:

“The situation in the US appears to be a specific issue relating to the substances being used.

“We are maintaining a watching brief so that we can learn from the US experience, and continue to protect the public’s health.”

“Safety and regulatory arrangements” in the UK “differ” from that in the US and said it is “important that people only buy vaping equipment and liquids from a reputable source.”

Out of all the countries in the world, the UK is the only country in the world that endorses vaping and are advocates the use of vaping as an effective form of nicotine replacement therapy, so what is this “Mysterious vape illness” that is circulating in the US?

Let’s dig into more detail. In the US, there has been reports of ecig lung injuries that have affected more than 1000 people and has caused the death of at least 21 people. The regulatory body CDC(Centre for Disease Control and Prevention) is not an advocate like Public Health England and insist that people refrain from using an e-cigarette or any vaping products that contain nicotine.

However, if you were to look deeper into the context of what CDC is stating, it can appear odd because nicotine is a highly addictive chemical, but it’s no more dangerous for adults than coffee. Furthermore, those who have taken up vaping are more likely to be those who were ex-smokers and the CDC reason only warns against nicotine and nothing about smoking cigarettes which has been killing half of the people who smoke them for many years.

At the time of writing, the FDA and the CDC have not identified the cause or causes of the lung injuries however, the common argument seems to be referring to those that vape.

In the grand scheme of things, the “mysterious illness that surrounds vape in the US” is a localised problem and not a global problem where the US government bodies are lacking with industry standards across e-liquid production and advertising of its products compared to the UK, which is more stringent. Further, there are numerous reports on the patients that have been affected by vaping with traces of THC being found, which is illegal in the US and Europe.

THC is a psychoactive chemical that is found in Marijuana, which is usually oil based. There are a plethora of factors at play for those who are illegally vaping THC. Firstly, unlike e-liquid, the production of THC is unregulated and is usually sold on the “black market” so there is no guarantee of safety or actual ingredients used. Secondly cuticle wax isn’t burble at low temperatures and thus the oily, waxy particles build up and settles in your lungs, which can then translate into lung disease.

THC is a massive concern in the US in terms of vape illnesses which is completely opposite in Europe. This can explain why the results of death because  “What’s happening in the U.S. is not happening here (in Britain), nor is it happening in any other countries where vaping is common”

U.S health officials have said that there may be more than one cause for the cases of vaping illnesses. They have put light upon vaping oils that contain THC, as being risky.

Now that we have exemplified what’s happening across the pond, there is a simple process that you can follow to ensure that you are only buying from reputable and regulated e-liquid to manufacturers and retailers. This can be achieved by ensuring that they are TPD approved, have good standing within the community, and don’t purchase your e-liquid or THC products on the black market.

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