Vapemaven has partnered with B2B and B2C marketplaces, whilst also seeking out retail partners for the future. On this page you will see the companies that we partner with to build the brand of Vapemaven’s products.


The largest online range of e-Cigarettes products in the UK and the home for some of our products

UFA Marketplace

UFA Marketplace is the next evolution of UFA Trader. They are not your typical vape distributor, They have a unique approach to their customers with a track record of innovation in the industry. The UFA Marketplace is a premiere B2B vaping marketplace, the platform was born to transform the vaping wholesale sector and to help retailers grow their business. We leverage them to build further partnerships for our Brands to be in reach of vape shops.

PMP Distribution

We Have partnered with PMP for our distribution of e-liquid products within the UK for Vape shops.