Our E – Liquid

The e-liquid industry has gone through many leaps and bounds, whilst continually evolving and it’s important that you know precisely what you’re buying. Thus, we can guarantee that we only sell e-liquids of the highest standard to our customers. We’re not only in this business to offer the finest e-liquids, but we also want you to understand how we consistently manufacture quality e-liquid and the safeguards we VapeMaven have put into place.

VapeMaven is based in London and our e-liquid operations lie outside London in a 7,000 square foot premises, to an ISO 9001 accredited. This includes an ISO class 7 Cleanroom and an independent lab equipped with UKAS certified equipment. All of our flavours are produced in the UK. All of our e-liquid is CLP compliant and rigorously tested against the strictest standards, to food grade standards, in our ISO class 7 cleanroom. Every batch that is produced undergoes GC-MS testing to ensure that our e-juice is entirely safe to be consumed.

All of our e-juices sold are produced by us; we don’t outsource other brands and keep everything in-house. Our e-liquid have been meticulously handcrafted from the feedback we received from leading taster’s and reviewers to ensure that we produce the highest quality product for our customers. We strive to guarantee that all of our products consist of only the finest ingredients, we never attempt to compromise quality or safety in the process of attaining quality e-liquid.