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  • If you begin to experience a different taste, whilst you vape, then it’s probably time to change your coils!! There are a plethora of things to look out for when you need to change your coil and in th

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  • Are you currently on the hunt for a brand new shortfill e-liquid, but have continually been disappointed with your latest choices, as there are only 18mg nicotine shots available, but you want 3mg? Di

  • Safety Information For E-Cigarette Batteries It’s imperative for us to ensure that you are safe not only with our products, but in general when you are vaping. The vaping industry is continually evolv

  • It’s either been a month or longer and your’e coming to the end of your pack of coils and it’s starting to look like your tank needs a clean, the performance is beginning to lack and you no long