How to quit Smoking with Vaping ?

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How to quit Smoking with Vaping ?

Have you been searching the Internet for new ways to quit smoking, but haven’t found what you’re looking for?

Have you tried alternatives, such as nicotine patches, but still can’t kick the habit? 

What if we told you the best way to quit smoking? 

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then this page is what you have been looking for. 

Below in this blog you will find some motivational information, as well as the latest news about smoking and smoking cessation. If you want a deep dive into vaping straight away then we advice that check out our ultimate vaping starter guide.

If you live in the UK, I can imagine that you have heard of the benefits that happen when you quit smoking entirely.

The first major benefit starts from reducing your risk of getting any form of cancer that starts from lung and otherwise, as well as your chances of getting heart disease increases, COPD, peripheral vascular disease. In addition, too when you quit smoking you will notice that all of those unsavoury symptoms subside, such as wheezing, shortness of breath and smokers cough. 

Some of these unsavoury symptoms happen overtime and others can occur after 20 minutes of you putting that final cigarette down. 

There are plethora of incentives that can keep you motivated over course of the next few months and years to come. 

Out of all of the countries in the world, the UK has embraced e-cigarettes, as the NHS smoke free website has stated that there is growing evidence that cigarettes can help people stop smoking, but also adds that you should stop smoking cigarettes to get the best from vaping. 

What is the best vape to quit smoking? 

When your first starting out in vape, it’s imperative that you pick the right e-juice flavour to keep you off of cigarettes. At the same time It can also be daunting as your met with a plethora of flavours it can be difficult to choose which one that suits you. When you become a seasoned vape there’s every chance you’ll choose an e-liquid that is totally different to what you normally order, as you would like to experience different perspectives, as well as find a new favourite. At Vapemaven strawberries and cream is our most popular e-liquid, but other’s are pear drops, vanilla custard and menthol flavours. And we provide a plethora of kits that are perfect for beginners, while some who are seasoned go straight to our advanced kits, such as our SMOK kits. 

However, the main question is what makes the switch from smoking to vaping so great- It starts from the e-juice flavour, whilst also getting the nicotine hit, as nicotine is what your crave from the cigarette and is addictive and draws you back to the cigarette. 

Don’t worry if can’t kick the habit for the first time, as it can take a bit of trial and error to the right flavour and the perfect nicotine strength that suits you. There so much evidence that vaping has helped people kick the habit, as figures suggest that the number of vaper’s is around 3 million in the UK, with half of those quitting smoking for good. 

Once you start vaping, the benefits are immediate, as the level of carbon dioxide returns to normal after just a few hours of being smoke free. Your heart rate returns to normal after 60 minutes.

It may seem like an easy task to quit, but as we all know it’s never that simple. There are a number factors that can prevent people from stopping entirely, as there are psychological and social factors that can prevent people from kicking the habit(if they ever get to trying vaping). Even though you may have the motivation to quit, your body may put up resistance, as Nicotine is about as addicting as cocaine or heroin. 

Then you are also met with withdrawal symptoms, which usually kick in a few hours after your last cigarette, but you still will have a ways to go because they may last for couple of days to a few weeks. These symptoms are limited to depression, headaches, restlessness, fitful sleep and many other symptoms.

However, there is light at the end of the tunnel. 

If you have attempted to kick the habit, there are number of steps you can try to make the next time you try to kick the habit more successful.

-You should always remind yourself that no matter how intense your cravings feel, they are only temporary and will subside once you get over the initial hurdle

-It’s best to pick a time that is quiet and stress free in order to quit, as stressful times are known to make people smoke or relapse back into smoking

-Brainstorm some ideas of activities you can do to replace things your normally do with smoking( cigarette breaks)

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