How to clean your vape kit?

How to clean your vape kit?

It’s either been a month or longer and your’e coming to the end of your pack of coils and it’s starting to look like your tank needs a clean, the performance is beginning to lack and you no longer have that sleek look that you saw when you first bought it. The most simple solution to this matter is to clean it!

However, the question is how. Like everything you have, it requires maintenance in order to keep your vape kit happy and healthy, much like when your changing your coil when it begins to affect the flavour of your e-juice. Overtime the device will become dirty when overused and you should always clean your tank when you get the chance to, as this will ensure that your e-liquids will be kept tasting fresh and continually enjoy your favourite e-liquid by getting the maximum flavour!!

So here’s the steps you will have to follow

  1. Firstly you must fill clean bowl with warm water
  2. Then you must detach your tank from your device and empty out any remaining e-liquid that may be still in your tank from your previous sessions
  3. Following the second step, you must disassemble your tank and dispose of your old coil, which is optional, but highly advisable
  4. Once that’s done you are ready to dissemble your vape tank and place each part into your bowl of warm water
  5. Then you must watch each separate piece gently until they are clean, we advise you to use a very small amount of dish sop if your tank has some stubborn grime that won’t go away initially!!
  6. Lastly, once the tank is clean, pat dry each and every component with a paper towel and then leave to dry for 15 minutes before re-assembling and using re-using

Sadly, you can’t clean coils and there’s no magic solution to cleaning coils, apart from buying replacements. So check out our range of coils here

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