Are Cheap e-liquid deals really bargains?

Are Cheap e-liquid deals really bargains?

Everyone is always on the look out for cheap e-liquid, as its one of the most searched phrases on the Google. Especially for those vape bargains that come up and are found by vape bargain hunter looking across the internet for that needle in a haystack e-liquid deal. We definitely understand that no one wants to pay premium for their e-liquid, as the average price of premium e-liquid is £17.99. So searching for that cheaper option looks more desirable in the short term, but sometimes when you buy cheap, you may have to buy again, but elsewhere. But first, let’s look at what e-juices you may get.

The vaping industry is continually under attack with the so-called “Mystery Vaping illness” and it’s imperative that vaper’s are aware where they get their e-liquid from, especially vendors that are selling e-juice that is cheap and what seems to be a bargain.

Vendors attempt to drive traffic by using search terms like “Cheap e-juice” or E-liquid Clearance. There is nothing wrong with these marketing tactics, given that vendors are not able to use traditional features of google through ads to attract traffic. However, the only issue that we have with the purchase of e-liquid is when you solely base your decision on purchasing the e-liquid because of its price.

Difference between Online retailers and E-liquid shops

An established e-liquid shop would have been vetted by the MHRA selling TPD compliant e-juice, along with having permission from their local council, but online retailers aren’t regulated as thoroughly.

Online retailers not being vetted throughly can lead to buyers purchasing stock that may be harmful, as an online retailer can purchase their stock from anywhere. This can range from a credible manufacturer, an DIY mixer or a market stall without TPD compliance or the authorisation from the MHRA. This means that you as a buyer maybe purchasing dangerous e-liquid that may be contaminated with illegal chemicals, such as THC. Which has been linked to one of the potential chemicals that has lead to illness and death in the US.

What about eBay or Amazon?

Online marketplaces like eBay have been clamping down on rogue e-liquid sellers. However there is only so much they can do, in regards to ensuring the safety with the products that are being sold on their platforms. The technique that has been used is through a multiple check method by compiling data from regulatory bodies and other bodies that ensure that the vendors have been vetted, but now and again rogue traders still gain access to these platforms.

The rule of thumb in e-liquid manufacturing in the UK is the need to take into many factors that ensure that the e-liquid being produced is manufactured in a clean environment. The first step is having expertise and specialised equipment to ensure the safety and cleanliness of the production, which can cost thousands of pounds. Secondly, is having a facility to safely product the e-juice, bottle, label and distribute the e-liquids consistently. These cost factors, along with many other, dictate the retail price of the e-liquid bottles(10ml, 25ml, 50ml and 100ml). The larger the manufacturing facility, the more manufacturing company can leverage the economies of scale and reduce their prices, which is where the bargain comes from.

Vapemaven Manufacturing

VapeMaven is based in London and our e-liquid operations lie outside London in a 7,000 square foot premises, to an ISO 9001 accredited. This includes an ISO class 7 Cleanroom and an independent lab equipped with UKAS certified equipment. All of our flavours are produced in the UK. All of our e-liquid is CLP compliant and rigorously tested against the strictest standards, to food grade standards, in our ISO class 7 cleanroom. Every batch that is produced undergoes GC-MS testing to ensure that our e-juice is entirely safe to be consumed.

All of our e-juices sold are produced by us; we don’t outsource other brands and keep everything in-house. Our e-liquid have been meticulously handcrafted from the feedback we received from leading taster’s and reviewers to ensure that we produce the highest quality product for our customers. We strive to guarantee that all of our products consist of only the finest ingredients, we never attempt to compromise quality or safety in the princess of attaining quality e-liquid.

Want to buy cheap e-liquid?- What should you look out for?

We advice those that are on a bargain hunt to use the same method. You should check the vendor history, have they just started selling e-liquid? Do they have a company number to check on companies house? Is there authorisation from the MHRA? Do they have trusted and verifiable reviews? If one of these things are missing, this should raise red flags about how they can sell cheap e-juice.

How about when you see e-liquid competitions?

Vapemaven runs competitions every two weeks for free e-liquid! Check out our social media channels to keep up to date on any competitions that we are running to get your hands on free e-juice.

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