5 Biggest Vaping Trends in 2020

5 Biggest Vaping Trends in 2020

5 Biggest Vaping Trends in 2020

Ever since its introduction in 2003, the vaping industry has evolved drastically. Manufacturers and researchers spend time in the lab conducting clinical studies and researching innovative ways to deliver a satisfying experience to vaping enthusiasts. 

Every year, companies introduce something new, be it flavoured variants, device models, or vaping styles. It is however important to note that while some trends stand the test of time, others don’t. Trends come and go, hence vapers need to be constantly updated on the latest trends in the industry. 

Check out the vaping trends gaining momentum in 2020

  1. Smaller Vaping Devices

With the range of new vape models popping up annually, there’s one noticeable similarity amongst them and that is the general tendency to not just make the device have a sleek shape but also compact and lightweight.

This emerging trend is catching on as more vapers are leaning towards a more compact device than the bulky ones. Manufacturers understand that people want to go anywhere with their vaping device securely tucked in their pockets or bags. 

  1. Nicotine Salts

The popularity of nicotine salts has surged in recent times with no sign of slowing down. Nicotine salts are not salty. One of the unique features of nicotine salts is its high concentration of nicotine mixed with all kinds of acids including Benzoic acid. These salts are primarily designed to help smoking addicts get rid of that addiction completely by offering a better, healthier, and safer option. 

Moreover, clinical experts and researchers are yet to raise any red flags on the use of nicotine salts suggesting that they are safe for consumption.

  1. Flavoured Vaping Devices

Vaping enthusiasts are drawn to flavoured vaping devices. The increased demand for flavoured e-cigarettes has made companies roll out new flavours that consumers could not even fathom. This is good news to vapers as they can now sample multiple flavours. 

Take your vaping experience to an exciting new level by taking advantage of the varied flavoured vaping pens which comes at amazing deals and offers. You will be spoilt for choice by the variety of options. 

Since vapers’ tastes continue to evolve, flavoured vaping devices will continue to soar in demand in years to come. 

  1. Smartphone Controlled Devices

We live in a world where there is a mobile application for everything that you need and the vaping industry is not left out. While some vapers prefer the multiple flavoured vape pen options, others are impressed by the integration between the vape pen and the smartphone. Vaping manufacturers are now merging modern technologies into modern vaping devices to deliver a more satisfying experience for consumers. 

Today, manufacturers are investing more in smartphone integrated vaping devices. These devices are designed to help consumers keep track of how much nicotine is consumed. 

Vaping devices can be controlled wirelessly via Bluetooth connection. With this latest innovation, vapers can monitor their nicotine consumption while enhancing their vaping experience. These devices are smarter and easy to use. 

  1. More Refined Regulations

With the rapid advancements in the vaping industry, it is expected to see more refined laws and regulations to keep the industry in check. Health authorities are always bringing out new rules and policies for vaping manufacturers.

The essence of the increase in regulations is to crack down on substandard vaping products. However, it is essential to stay well updated with the latest regulations guiding the vaping industry. 

Despite the fact that governments the world all over continue to roll out new rules and regulations, vapers remain undeterred. The market will continue to grow. 


E-cigarettes have grown in popularity in recent years. It is considered by many as a better and healthier alternative to smoking tobacco and for good reasons. With more people switching from smoking traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes, it is safe to say that e-cigarettes are here to stay. 

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